How Deep is Lake Erie?

Lake Erie is the shallowest of all 5 Great Lakes.

Lake Erie Average Depth: 62 ft. / 19 m.

Lake Erie Maximum Depth: 210 ft. / 64 m.

How Large is lake Erie?

Lake Erie LENGTH: 241 miles / 388 km

BREADTH: 57 miles / 92 km

VOLUME: 116 cubic miles / 484 cubic km.

WATER SURFACE AREA: 9,910 sq. miles / 25,700 sq. km.

Lake Erie Drainage Basin Area by State/Province

TOTAL DRAINAGE BASIN AREA: 30,140 sq. miles / 78,000 sq. km.
Indiana: 1300 sq mi; 3300 sq km
Michigan: 5800 sq mi; 15,100 sq km
New York: 1600 sq mi; 4200 sq km
Ohio: 11,700 sq mi; 30,400 sq km
Ontario: 8800 sq mi; 22,800 sq km
Pennsylvania: 500 sq mi; 1400 sq km
SHORELINE LENGTH (including islands): 871 miles / 1,402 km.

Where did Lake Erie get its name?

Most of  the southern shore was at one time occupied by a nation known to the Iroquois tribe as the “Erielhonan,” or the “long-tails,” a tribe of Indians from which the lake derived its name. This name is always mentioned by the early French writers as meaning “cat”; Lac du Chat means “Lake of the Cat.” Many attribute this reference to the wild cat or panther.

What is Lake Erie’s retention time?

Lake Erie’s retention time is only 2.6 years (the shortest of the Great Lakes)

Other Lake Erie Facts

Lake Erie Elevation: 569 ft. / 173 m.

Outlet: Niagara River and Welland Canal

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