Old Man’s Cave is one of Hocking Hills most amazing natural features In 1924, the State of Ohio purchased 146 acres of land in the Hocking Hills. This purchase included Old Man’s Cave. First owned and operated by the Ohio Department of Forestry, in 1949, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources and the Ohio Division of Parks assumed control of Old Man’s Cave.

Where did Old Man’s cave get its name?

Old Man’s Cave gets its name from a hermit named Richard Rowe who lived there around 1796. His family moved to the Ohio River Valley from the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee to establish a trading post. He and his two dogs traveled through Ohio along the Scioto River in search of game. On one side trip up Salt Creek, he found the Hocking Region. Rowe lived out his life in the area and is buried beneath the ledge of the main recess cave. Earlier residents of the cave also include two brothers, Nathaniel and Pat Rayon, who came to the area in 1795. They built a cabin 30 feet north of the cave entrance. Both brothers are also rumored to be buried in or near the cave. Their cabin was later dismantled and relocated to the nearby Iles farm to be used as a tobacco drying house.


How Do I get there?

From Columbus:  
Take 33 East through Lancaster to Logan OH and take Route 664 south

Map of Hocking Hills State Park

What is the best time of year to visit Hocking Hills?

The truth is that area is beautiful year round.  It could be cooling off in the pool of the upper or lower falls in the summertime or enjoying the colorful fall leaves, but my personal favorite is Winter time.  Yes it is cold, but the colder the better, if you’re up to it, in good shape, and don’t mind falling down a bit, there is a great reward in the spectacular natural views

 <OH Explorer Winter Photos>

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