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Trail Distance Details
  Frog Talk Walk 0.1 miles; easy Walk; boardwalk; Connects the Boardwalk Trail and the Spring Run Trail, passing a small pond and offering views of the Rose and Herb gardens. ADA accessible
  Boardwalk 0.5 miles; easy Walk; boardwalk and gravel surface; Winds around a beech-maple forest. ADA accessible
  Spring Run 0.3 miles; easy Walk; gravel surface; Cuts through an oak-hickory forest. ADA accessible
  Brookwood 0.5 miles; easy Walk; paved surface; Crosses a creek and passes by the Memorial, Sisters’, Conifer, Rock, and White gardens, and joins paths to Innis House and the Entrance Walk Perennial Bed. ADA accessible
  Sisters’ Garden
Perimeter Loop
less than 0.25 miles; easy Walk; paved surface; Winds around the perimeter of the Sisters’ Garden, and passes through some wooded areas. ADA accessible
  Chipmunk Chatter 0.6-mile connector trail; easy Walk, jog, bike, pets; paved surface; A partially wooded trail on the outside of the gardens. ADA accessible


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