Conkle’s Hollow Map


Geology of Conkle’s Hollow

Conkle’s Hollow is a State nature preserve  in Hocking Hills.  This area includes a gorge with 200 ft. high cliffs surrounding it.  This gorge is only 100 ft. wide in some places and is considered to be one of the deepest in Ohio.  This area also features several waterfalls cascading down over the sandstone.  This uniuqe black hand sandstone that makes up the area was deposited there by an ancient inland sea that covered the area nearly 350 Million years ago.  As Eastern North America rose, the sea drained away and the land surface was exposed.  This led to the natural forces of erosion acting upon the sandstone to create this gorge.  The natural erosion was intensified by the runoff of melting glacial ice sheets that also moved through this region.  Although, the glacial sheets never quite made it to Conkle’s Hollow.  They stopped just 6 miles northwest of Conkle’s Hollow.

History of Conkle’s Hollow

Not much is known about Conkle’s Hollow, we do know that some Indian tribes  frequented the hocking hills region but there is very little evidence that this area was ever inhabited.  Conkle’s Hollow  recieved its name from an inscription W.J. Conkle 1797 that was once visible on the west wall of the gorge.

Conkle’s Hollow Trails

Conke’s Hollow offers 2 trail options. The first is a rim trail that allows you to hike all around the gorge and get a spectacular view from above.  The second is a gorge trial.  This is a particularly easy trail for family hiking.  It is only 1/2 mile and is handicap accessible, although pets are forebidden on boath trails.

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