I remember as a child riding around lake Erie on our family’s power boat  asking my father about all of the different islands and when it came to Rattlesnake Island it was always kind of a mystery.  He would tell me that he thought it was owned by the mafia.  I would picture 1920 style gangsters sitting around in pen stripe suites smoking cigars with a tommy gun at their feet and a pocketful of fun.  I know now the reality was surely much less interesting than the cinematic masterpiece playing out in my head as a boy.

It is now a private member’s only Island club.

Rattlesnake Island Club (RIC) is an exclusive Private Resort dedicated to meeting the needs of its 65 equity Members. Because the Members own and operate the Club for their own benefit, no special request is too difficult to accommodate. An eclectic international staff is available for the season (end of May through the end of September) to accommodate every need. Rattlesnake Island is an oasis of privacy, relaxation, and fun in an otherwise chaotic world.

Rattlesnake Island is an 85 acre island resort in Lake Erie, located about a mile away from Put-In-Bay. With its own private airport and a marina that will accommodate the largest of yachts, there are a multitude of ways to arrive at Rattlesnake Island.

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