welcome to OHexplorer!  This website is dedicated to all of the families out there looking for something to do in Ohio. My name is Brett, I am an eagle scout and a father of 2 boys and 2 dogs. Like many of you, my wife and I are always looking for something fun, creative and economical to do with our family.  Since we reside in Central Ohio, my posts will generally be pretty biased toward central Ohio. However, like many columbus natives, we have a calling toward the sea but a duty to the land, so we come to enjoy Lake Erie as a second home (May through October anyway).  Therefore, some of my other posts will tend to be biased toward that region.  My interests include boating or anything near the water, cycling, hiking, backpacking, and just getting out with the family.  I hope to show through this site that Ohio is more than just a cow town with three professional football teams (yes, I included OSU in the count), it is a state full of natural treasures waiting to be explored. So, please join me in this virtual adventure in and around the Buckeye state!

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